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July 18, 2017

Photo credit Amy Q. Photography

They set me up in the corner. Me and my drum set.

It was a small, 1 roomed church with heavy wooden pews. They were worn down and sometimes you would catch a splinter if you slid sideways to the other end too swiftly. The carpet was all mi...

June 26, 2017

Happy Pride 2017!

This weekend in NYC, where I am currently for a few joyous occasions, we marked the 47th anniversary of the march created as an act of visible resistance and resilience for trans and queer (trans and queer used as umbrella terms) people of all kinds. (...

May 26, 2017

Growing up Black, queer, fat, femme and cisgendered artist in the United States required a strategy for survival -- which I adapted from a complex love-hate obsession with television and film.  These mediums can express huge concepts, but also, underrepresent the art a...