Coaching for Directors & Leadership brings out the best in an individual. Enabling better work practices and team-building, covering a complex combination of skills and human capacities that are required of today's leadership. Giving you access to over 20 years experience in organizational development, financial/project infrastructure and management, including one-to-one coaching to address specific role development issues or to assist individuals in taking on a new role.


One-to-one coaching provides tools and support for:

  1. Preparation for role/career changes or new leadership role

  2. Managing stress, change, conflict, or crisis

  3. Enhancing personal impact and performance

  4. Financial/ Budget management

  5. Enhancing communication skills as a supervisor and in performance

  6. Analytical and innovative thinking capacities

  7. Strategic capacity planning

In addition the individual / group results the organization also benefits from:

  • Retention of key people who feel valued

  • Improved management style

  • Support from an experienced external coach who provides a sounding board