Social change, the ability to shape values and ideas happens over the course of time. Nothing is more powerful than creative expression or the collaborative practices of building community. Conditions of time and place intersect with catalysts, some expected and some unconventional to create moments that ripple farther than the current place and time. Many have often reflected on the "arc of the moral universe" and its bend towards justice from Theodore Parker to Martin Luther King Jr, and more. In this virtual space, I invite artists who live at the intersections to join me as I hold space for us to explore the some elements which can propel or stagnate motions toward social and economic justice.

This February I will begin monthly video calls open to artists; who believe expressions are sacred, writers; who capture vulnerability and strength on the page, workers; whether paid or unpaid who work to keep community together, Queer, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, and Straight (QTGNCIBLGS) identified communities seeking each other to struggle across our differences hold a microscope up to watching the inner workings social change and creative expression. This has been part of a longer vision toward building an online community building visibility and resources for ripple effect moments in 2018.  Topics will be geared toward creating specific autonomous spaces and change month to month. 

For February's Launch we will begin with a session for Black identified artists only!  Are you a Black Poet? Painter? Singer? Graphic artist, Performer? Dancer? Film maker?  artist of another medium? Ever felt like you needed a space to connect with other Black artists? Do you have access to WIFI? Join me to share our experiences of what it means to be at the intersection of reclaiming identity and expression. 



Topic: Black 365

Sunday February 25, 2018  

5pm EST, 4pm CST