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As part of documenting the evolution of community building, I have launched a new blog dedicated to highlighting best practices within emerging or existing communities as well as reflections on developing one's personal awareness as we build community.

Are You Excited?

Whether you are a new writer, a video maven, or a SoundCloud enthusiast, what better way to show the beauty, learned lessons and transformative truths of what it means to struggle across difference and document #communityresilence?



Original written submissions have a 1500 word limit

YouTube & Vimeo video submissions have a 10 minute limit

SoundCloud audio submissions have a 10 minute limit

Each submission published will appear with a bio, picture and original art from the authors themselves or created by me.

All submissions should be emailed to with your name, phone number,title, bio, pic and graphics (if available).


Contact me today if you have ideas or questions!



#Awareness #GroupReflection #GroupThink #expression

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