Is trust building possible - or are we all waiting for the destruction of humanity?

Vampire with a soul. I know exactly how you perceive me. But that doesn't take away my agency in how I engage with you. For some people there are times when your purpose in life can be different from who you are everyday. For me it is a daily practice. Your purpose can be shaped by your experiences with trauma, vision for how you define success, or many things that you will use as indicators for how you will evaluate your self image. Although this is real when reflecting on your individual actions,within the context community building where you are navigating a wealth of experiences it requires increasing our trust building skills.

We have real trust building to do when moving in broad alliance. Confronting institutional oppression should never dissuade us from addressing real rifts within community. When we fail to take action we allow ourselves to be divided and manipulated. If you believe in the practicing community building consider what you have to gain by continuing to struggle across difference to reach a new result not just the result of the majority.

We also need to stay open to critique. If you are constantly too overwhelmed to accept that your actions and level of accountability impacts building community you are demonstrating signs of needing to ask for support.

What are the things that destabilize projects or community building?

What are the root causes and the dynamics that feed into it? When you center the goal of your community what is new to your process of how are you evaluating the impact of change?

How are you naming the support needed?


Events in history are captured in time, place, and purpose through the Theatre Arts. Performance shows the subtleties of personal human experience and continues to be one of the most definitive ways we can transport community into the spirit and culture of the moment.

Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope, with music, lyrics and book by Micki Grant produced in the 1970's. Giving insight into the African-American experience through a dynamic mixture of gospel, jazz, funk, soul, calypso, and soft rock. With five 1972 Tony nominations (including Best Musical) and an Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Musical. When it premiered on Broadway directed by Vinnette Carroll it was the first Broadway musical written entirely by a woman, and the first Broadway production to be directed by a female African-American.

Capturing the moment of what it meant to build community in the 1970's I give you the title track.

What if you wrote a musical about your current moment? Now press record!


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