GloPoWriMo 2017

April is a month where I get to explore creative expression through poetry! GloPoWriMo or Global Poetry Writing Month is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April. Being a believer in community of course I have teamed up with some fantastic collaborators to meet the opportunity, together we are SisterTriad. I look forward to the insights i will receive in the days to come. Can you recall a time when you expressed yourself collaboratively in community? What are the fortifying feelings your associate with that experience? How would you express them now?

GloPoWriMo day one poem



like grated rock penetrating my skin

invoking the herstory spirit within

take a breath and bring me back to the root of the tree

embedded down, moist, warm, and dark in the softness of my hair


Sing Nina, Billie, Sarah, Ella, Shirley, and Mary.

For the known and unknown

weave pain and lingering shackles into strength and light

remind me again this is power. Sisterspeak.

I don't know

what waits for me around the next turn,

but the wall of sound created from your voice envelopes me in waves, fearless.

I want your voice to carry me.

Bigger than any vessel as surging as an undying flame

this journey, our journey never began to fill a vacuum, but to fulfill a destiny.

All of this you gave me in a Negro spiritual.

How can I ever let you know in the few words and brief hug we exchange after?

When it is only possible to measure strength with time.




#Awareness #Practice #expression

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