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File this under communities I LOVE. Sima Lee's Trap Liberation Army found me at 3 a.m. in New Orleans, with its complicated history at the edge of reconciling a violent past with the removal of confederate monuments. Available for download Trap Liberation Army is slick VA underground sound and a clear message of change that carries throughout the nation and every city. Released May 4, 2017, as a first taste release of Sima on Soul Trust Records, my new favorite welcome to summer EP fills a vacuum left in my life since the melodic raw lyrics of Lauryn Hill cut thru the stylings of The Fugees. Eight original tracks bring the audience directly to the intersections of Sima's life with tracks such as Mystics "This be that cross the border 1984 tape recorder slaughter...” across a mix of sick beats and synth that make your tailbone swerve until the last “Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick, sometimes I burn sage, sometimes my nine spit, sometimes I stay at home I'm tired of nonsense, don't trust that po-po anytime got com sense." I haven't jammed so hard since I was living the evolution of Hip-Hop on MTV Raps. And just when you feel like Partyin hard all night Sima hits you with a track like Amaru's Rose, encompassing the ill-est chord progressions and on-the-grind hope-filled truths, “I see you pushing out the concrete, did you ever know your roots are deep?...” Exploring the many sides of her lyricism & radical activism this album pays homage to the Maroon spirit of the Black Liberation Army and Tupac Shakur's Thug Life Movement. Touching on everything from resistance to colonialism, revolution, racism, classism, sexism, gentrification, culture and smoking large amounts of marijuana, to the full mastery of the art of "verbal s**t-talking 101" Sima holds nothing back and still leaves you wanting for more. Creating residing and rebelling in DC as part of her practice, 50% of the proceeds of this EP will go to Food, Clothing & Resistance Collective and their next #FeedThePeople community event on May 20th. At $6 a download this the best investment I will probably make all 2017. The Food, Clothing, & Resistance Collective was launched in 2015 by Sima Lee to connect radical organizers and community members for mutual aid projects, revolutionary music & art projects, free classes and a direct line of resistance and defense for communities and people under attack. A kindred village that centers Black, Brown and Native resistance, cooperative work and living, culture, healing, and autonomy!

So give a listen, buy the album and let it transport you. And If you feel moved The Food, Clothing, & Resistance Collective also accept donations for food items and toiletries for those in need via Paypal:

Track Listing: 1. It’s On (prod. By Wally Clark) (ASCAP) 2. Partyin’(Remix) (prod. by Slimkat78) (ASCAP) 3. Mystics (prod. by Moose) 4. Amaru's Rose (prod. by Moose) 5. Pass Dat (prod. by Slimkat 78) (ASCAP) 6. Last of The Shottas (prod. By Wally Clark) (ASCAP) 7. What Is Freedom? (prod. by Moose) 8. One For The Revolution (U Already Know) (prod. by BBB) Album Credits: All Lyrics Written & Performed by: Ebony "Sima Lee" Outlaw (BMI) Mixed/Mastered by: A. Bacon (Novakane Omega) Label: Soul Trust Records Published by: Write Just Werks Publishing Management: Maroon Movement Front Cover Art Design: Anthony Sul

Soul Trust Records is a musical movement designed by a people’s choice to give and receive good vibrations.


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